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Let's create more flow in your life

Imagine if one of your spirit guides came down to earth to support you, guide you, channel messages for you and clear any stuck energy from your field...

Wouldn't that be so much fun and create a massive shift in your everyday life?

This is what I'm offering in my 1:1 Spirit Guide Sessions where I show up as your personal spirit guide.

This experience includes channeled messages that your guides have been trying to get through to you, clarity on the things you're being called to act on right now, and sweet love messages from your spirit team.

This is spirituality made tangible.


In this one-hour session, I bridge the gap between you and your spirit team


This session includes

Channeled messages

Guidance and clarity

Energetic clearings

The magic of this session

I'll show up as your personal spirit guide and answer the following questions...

» What messages do my guides have for me right now?

» What intuitive guidance have I received, but not acted on?

» What are some of the things that my spirit guides love about me?

» What can I do to create more joy and pleasure in my life?

» What are some energetic tools and practices that would be fun for me to implement in my everyday life?

» Any other questions you might have

Energy tools

You'll leave the session with several different energy tools and practices for you to play with.

Audio file

You'll receive a recording of the entire session so you can listen to it over and over again.


Energetic clearing

During the session, I'm doing an energetic scan of your entire being and clearing out any stuck energy that might be lingering in your field.

This can be limiting beliefs, old programming, energetic cords or anything connected to past lives that might be blocking your light and aliveness.


Meet your guide

My name is Amanda Drescher, and I usually present myself as a spirit guide in human form.

My superpower is to see you fully, meaning that I look beyond the surface and directly into your soul. I do an energetic scan of your entire being and clear out everything that's not aligned with the truth of who you really are – and from that place, I guide you back home to the light that you came here to be and make you feel all the way alive.

I'm all about taking big leaps. I dropped out of school to start my own business, published 4 books before the age of 19, did speaking events even though my voice was shaking, and last year I uprooted my entire life in Denmark and moved to the Algarve in Portugal.

At the end of the day, I'm just here to have fun and light up more souls on the planet. That's it.

Xoxo Amanda


About the session

The session is one hour and takes place through a video call on Zoom.

Two weeks after the session, we'll do a short follow-up call to talk about what has shifted. This will just be a simple 15-minute phone call.

The session is offered in both Danish and English.


Your investment

Ready to come all the way alive and have fun with me as your personal spirit guide?


Pay in full

4.444 DKK

599 EUR

incl. 25% VAT


HELL YES! Let me pay in full

Payment plan

2.222 DKK / per month

299 EUR / per month

incl. 25% VAT


I'M IIIN! Let me split it in two

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