Soul session new (more space)

This one-hour session is created with the intention of making space for the fullest expression of your soul.

My superpower is to see you fully, meaning that I look beyond the surface and directly into your soul. I do an energetic scan of your entire being and clear out everything that's not aligned with the truth of who you really are – and from that place, I activate your light and help you align with your full potential.

Using energy work and shapeshifting, I clear out everything that isn’t you (especially all the energetic blockages keeping you small) and guide you through light activations and deep heart-openings in order to make space for the woman you came here to be.

By the end of the session, you'll feel completely renewed, yet more at home than ever before.


About the session

The session consists of 30 minutes remote energy work, followed by a 30 minute video call.

Once the session start, I do an energetic scan of your body and start clearing out everything that's not aligned with the fullest expression of your soul. I work on your energy remotely while you're laying in the comfort of your own home and receiving all the shifts being made in your energetic body.

After half an hour, I call you on FaceTime (or Facebook Messenger through video chat) to share with you everything I've been working on and shifting in your energy. I'll provide you with some actionable steps for you to take the following days and weeks, and I'll share with you all the channeled messages, hints and nudges I received from spirit while working on your energy.

Our call will be recorded and sent to you as an audio file afterwards.

The session is offered in both Danish and English.


Why remote energy work_

When I work on your energy remotely, I get to shift a lot more in your energy than if I had to guide you through it; simply because your ego isn't blocking it.

The more we try to understand something with our mind, the more resistance we create.

So to have you lay down for half an hour and just receive, allows me to create changes in your energetic body that would normally take me hours.

It's kinda like getting a surgery. If you were awake while the doctors were cutting you open and taking things out, you would resist the process so much that they wouldn't even be able to do their job right – but when they put you down, you have no other choice but to surrender to the process.

It's the same thing with your energetic body. If I can get you to lay down with the intention of just receiving, I can do my work much faster.


ready to make space for the fullest  expression of your soul_

You don't need to know why you're being called to this session. You just need to be willing to receive the upgrades your soul is longing for.

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