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Here's what I know_

You’re an extremely sensitive being.

You pick up the energy around you without even realizing it.

You know exactly what everyone else in the room is feeling at all times.

You easily get overwhelmed when there’s too many unsaid things.

And you get uncomfortable when people say one thing, but their energy says something else… 

And because of this

You feel different than everyone else.

You feel like you don't really fit in.

You have a hard time grounding into the physical, because you don't fit into the normal jobs, the normal routines, and the normal way of living.

You struggle with feeling like you truly belong on this planet.

And deep inside, you feel like you’re just too sensitive for this world.


Well, I have a  n e w s f l a s h  for you...

You’re not meant to feel the world any less than you do


You’re meant to feel everything as deeply and profoundly as you do.

You’re meant to be energetically sensitive to the world around you.

BUT… you’re meant to use it in an empowering way so you don't become a trash can for other people's trauma, but a  v e s s e l  for your own light.


So I created something_

A 6-week online course for you to become your own spirit guide.

In this course, we'll do a deep-dive into the world of energetics. You'll learn everything about healing, clearing and communicating with your spirit team, but most importantly...

You'll learn how to heal, clear and transform energy  t h e   n e w   w a y.

My intention is to show you how fun energy work gets to be, and how easy it is to channel your own healing modalities and tools.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to use all your soul gifts with complete confidence.

You'll literally become your own spirit guide.


This experience includes_

6x live modules about energy work and channeling

6x guidance calls with me as your personal spirit guide


The modules

All modules are taught live in a private Facebook group with access to replays.

The intention of these modules is to bring you back home to your natural born abilities to see, feel and sense energy. This will create the perfect container for you to become your own channel, as you learn how to keep your vessel clean and stay grounded in your own energy.


1. Grounding

Learning how to ground yourself and the space you're in + stay anchored in your own energy.


2. Chakra balancing

Learning how to check the energy of each chakra and balance them with reiki healing.


3. Clearing

Learning how to clear limiting beliefs from your consciousness and upgrade your energy.


4. Healing

Learning how to heal yourself and others + channel your own healing techniques.


5. Spirit team

Learning how to communicate with your spirit team and receive clear guidance immediately.


6. Channeling

Learning how to channel for yourself by allowing oneness to flow through you.




The guidance calls

The guidance calls take place in between the modules.

My intention with these calls is to show up as your personal spirit guide, meaning that everyone gets the opportunity to share what's on their heart and receive guidance. You'll most likely get a specific practice, a channeled message or clarity on how to clear/shift something in your energy.

These calls take place through video calls on Zoom so we can all see each other and connect as a group + create some epic sisterhood magic together!


Meet your host

My name is Amanda Drescher, and I usually present myself as a spirit guide in human form.

My superpower is to see you fully, meaning that I look beyond the surface and directly into your soul. I do an energetic scan of your entire being and clear out everything that's not aligned with the truth of who you really are – and from that place, I bring you back home to the light you came here to be.

This is the kind of work I'll be guiding you through during our 6 weeks together, and I'm sooo freaking excited to see you become your own spirit guide!

It's a pleasure to guide you on this journey.

Xoxo Amanda



The online course starts on the 6th of June 2022.

All modules and guidance calls take place in the weekdays.


This journey begins in_









Your investment

Ready to become your own spirit guide and awaken your channeling abilities?


Any questions_

Shoot me an email at or send me a message on Instagram for a faster response.

I would love to answer any questions you might have about this journey – or, if you already know this is for you, but you feel a lot of fear around taking the leap, send me a message and let's talk about it!

I'm here to guide you with love; whether that means giving you a virtual hug or a loving kick in the ass.

Xoxo Amanda

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