Hey beautiful soul

My name is Amanda Drescher, and I usually present myself as a spirit guide in human form.

My superpower is to see you fully, meaning that I look beyond the surface and directly into your soul. I use a combination of different clearing tools, healing transmissions and channeling to bring forth more of who you really are on a soul level, so you can light up the world just by being you.

I do this through deep containers such as 1:1 programs, online courses and retreats in the Algarve (and with my friends when I can't shut up about what I see energetically hehe).

I'm all about taking big leaps. I dropped out of school to start my own business, published 4 books before the age of 19, did speaking events even though my voice was shaking, and on the 21st of august 2021 I uprooted my entire life in Denmark and moved to the Algarve, Portugal.

At the end of the day, I'm just here to have fun and light up more souls on the planet. That's it.

If you want to come along on my journey, you can connect with me on Instagram. I would loooove to have you in my space!!

Xoxo Amanda

Featured podcast

Want to get to know me? Listen to the podcast interview I did for The Florescence Podcast.

Want to get up close and personal with me_

Instagram is the place for me to document my journey and share my everyday life in the Algarve as a spiritual business woman.

This usually includes lots of coffee shop pics, random life updates, sunset stories from the beach, witchy vibes, behind the scenes of my biz, and a dancing video every now and then.

Oh, and did I mention coffee pics? There's a looot of those – so now you've been warned!

Find me at @amandadrescher


Let's connect on instagram


My first youtube video NEW 

PSST! I've put my YouTube channel on hold to focus on my danish business, but I'll be back soon!

I'm on tiktok as well

While Instagram is the place for me to document my journey and share my everyday life in the Algarve, TikTok is the platform where I share my cosmic magic and do my cool channeling stuff 😝

Find me at @amanda.drescher


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  My channeling magic

I usually describe my way of channeling as me becoming the voice of your soul – so if you're struggling with tuning into your own inner guidance system and connecting with your soul, I can become the gateway for you to receive the guidance and healing words that's available to you.

That's essentially why I call myself a spirit guide in human form.

I'm here to be that bridge between you and the universe.


Xoxo Amanda


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_I’ve never felt so seen and uplifted_

Can’t recommend Amanda enough! I’ve never felt so seen and uplifted by a “stranger” although she doesn’t feel like a stranger at all. Her presence is so uplifting and healing at the same time! 💗✨

– Bine, Yin Branding

Work with me (more space)

I'm mostly focused on supporting my danish soul sisters (which is why my entire website and offers are in danish) but if you for some reason feel called to work with me and you're not danish, I do offer 1:1 support in english.

This looks like a 45-minute single session or a longer soul journey with a session every other week, including unlimited support through Voxer in between the sessions.

If you're located in the Algarve, the sessions can take place in person – but if not, the magic happens online through video calls on Zoom.

Shoot me an e-mail at business@amanda-d.dk if you feel called and want to know more!


easily see the light in others

I want to thank my roomie and energy healer, wise woman and beautiful friend, Amanda, who held me in three different kinds of sessions with her purity love and wisdom.

Amanda guided me through old deep pain by seeing me deeply and connecting to the source. Her effortless approach impressed me and I think she is one of the young starseed generations who easily see the light in others and deserve sensitive care and surroundings.

She started her career early as a lightworker and serves the universe by love and devotion. Her path is to deeply help others to see and recognize their light and love of the universe to overcome human barriers in life and achieve a deep rooted know-how about who they really are.

I can just recommend my true friend and colleague to you if you want to find a deeper sense in your life. Thank you Amanda 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

From the deepest of my soul for our divine friendship 🫶💕

– Shobhana, channel and energy worker